Site Council

About our Council
Site Council
The Dunham Site Council is a decision making committee of teachers, staff, parents, community members, and the principal that supports the school-wide goals.
School Site Council Minutes
School Site Council Members
Site Council Member List
Kimberly Emmett - Facilitator - Contact Ms. Emmett by email
Kathleen Chandler - Administrator - Contact Mrs. Chandler by email
Mary Larrea Young - Teacher - Contact Mrs. Larrea Young by email
Allison Muzzy - Teacher - Contact Ms. Muzzy by email
Jessica Westerman - Classified - Contact Ms. Westerman by email
Marcian Goble - Classified - Contact Mrs. Goble by email
Gerald Arena - Facilities - Contact Mr. Arena by email
Marsha Heeke - Parent
Laura Jolly - Parent
Meeting Schedule
Site Council Meeting 04/17/2023
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